About Karthik

In the world of art and painting Mr. B.P.Karthik is a well known in art circles. His simplicity in appearance and a true mestereo in creations of fusion art and designing in both textile and silk art, Very Unique thinking in his approach of soft dynamo which emphasizes colour and an upper hand of depicting images to reality, Very hazy and realistic.

In his work you can observe two things in a form of abstract and to figurative. He has more love towards nature and landscapes. His work on nature is something unimaginable. He puts his views directly in nature and makes them as one among the subjects and the subject is you! A viewer! You will be fascinated and your eyebrow rises to a semicircle to give your inner feeling a sublime of thanks to the maestro’s work.

His work speaks with nature, a waterfall, greenery, wild plants, soft environment, animals, birds, beasts love for each other, Fruits and roots to feed flower to love and peace to body and soul.

Work of bold brush strokes combine abstract colour field and a never ending attempt in increasing pictorial depth to waterfalls and surrounded planes.

The canvas is hotchpots of colours, ideas put into realistic with deeper emotion of feel and temptation, Yearning to tap out the sensuous possibilities of the oil media itself, Paintings of special way of transforming empirical reality into images deviating from the main form of gestures. Colours have their richness and forties plenitudes.

Born in 1953 and Bred in Bangalore, India, Atheist Karthik is a born painter and has graduated from Ken School of Arts in Fine Arts. One can identify his profound love towards Buddha, Nature and colours in his works. His other love is OSHO. These two people in Life defines B.P.Karthik which one can realize in Karthik's simplicity of Life.